Brand Media

Brand identity is higher than everything

  • Brand Strategy Planning

    Brand scan, brand diagnosis, brand positioning, product positioning, product planning, brand advertising language, brand culture, brand concept, brand story, brand extension, brand management, brand consultant, brand communication

  • Brand Vision Design

    LOGO design, VI design, SI design, packaging design, mascot design, storefront design, web design, mobile website UI design, e-commerce website design, APPUI design, user interface design

  • Commercial Space and Exhibition Center Design

    Space system design, guidance system design, five sense system design, exhibition design, museum / cultural center design.

  • Brand Integrated Marketing

    Online & offline integrated marketing, network planning, network promotion, WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, e-commerce planning, e-commerce operation, e-commerce promotion, strategy implementation, experience promotion, channel construction, resource integration (digital marketing, content marketing, experience marketing, cross-border marketing, native marketing, virus marketing, event marketing) Entertainment marketing

  • Brand Public Relations Marketing

    Public relations activities, event planning, conference services, ceremonial celebrations, media PR

  • Film and Television Shooting Service

    Brand & product microfilm, product promo, brand promotion, brand advertising, script creation, corporate promotional film.