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  • WeChat Admin Platform Ads

    WeChat Admin Platform Ad is based on the WeChat Admin Platform, providing advertisers with various advertising forms, and using professional data processing algorithms to achieve cost controlled, effective and accurate positioning of the effect advertising system. WeChat Admin Platform Ad has 800 million Wechat active users, 1.9% of the average public number ad click rate, through the basic information and equipment information of the crowd, multi dimension has its own combination, combined with the promotion appeal to reach the target users accurately. In addition, based on the open ecosystem of WeChat Admin Platform, it provides public number concern, card voucher and other marketing solutions to meet diversified business promotion demands.

  • Wechat Moments Ads

    Wechat Moments Ad will be launched and managed through the WeChat advertising system. It will be displayed in the form of original content similar to friends, and will interact with each other on the basis of the relationship chain. Advertisers can use graphic and video ads to carry out brand activities, public numbers and mobile applications, and use regional, gender and age, mobile phone system, marital status, education, interest and other labels to provide directional delivery, and provide real-time data analysis and effect feedback.

  • Today Headlines Series Ads

    Today Headlines Series support a variety of advertising styles: support the big picture, small map, group diagram, map, video and other material styles, can be paid according to display, pay by click pay and other products to choose today's headlines, short video, watermelon video, small volcano video and other platforms.

  • QQ Ads、QQ Zone Ads

    QQ client advertisement is based on the Tencent mass user behavior data and the cross screen account system. QQ supports a variety of flexible and accurate crowd touch mode, such as attribute label, LBS, scene orientation and so on. It is a primary social advertisement for mobile application download, e-commerce purchase, brand activity and so on. QQ zone advertising appears in the dynamic of the user's friends. It is a kind of native social advertisement that integrates in the user's UGC. It has the natural and unlawful concern of the user. It is very suitable for the brand to communicate with the young people in the social scene.

  • Tencent News Information Stream Ads

    Tencent News is a APP, a main fact group. It has a monthly life of over 240 million, and users have the habit of deep browsing. Tencent news ads are born in the information flow, according to user attributes, historical browsing behavior and interest in precise targeted placement. At present, it supports webpage promotion, mobile application promotion and e-commerce promotion.

  • Tencent Video Information Stream Ads

    Tencent Video is the first entry in the field of mobile video in China, with more than 500 million monthly lives and long online users. Tencent video ads is in the original form in the entertainment flow scene, through directional technology accurately touch users, imperceptibly affect the user's perception of the brand. At present, it supports webpage promotion, mobile application promotion and e-commerce promotion.

  • China Daily Information Stream Ads

    China Daily is an interest reading product based on the "big content" ecosystem of Tencent. It is committed to recommending the content of interest to users through AI algorithm. The daily express advertisement is displayed in the original information flow, and the user is precisely touched by the artificial intelligence algorithm to increase the effective exposure. At present, it supports the promotion of web pages and the promotion of mobile applications.